Every day is a new kind of worst day of my life but some are worse than others


The Bride Of Frankenstein ( 1935 )


I kind want this on a tee shirt.

Is it wrong of me to just want to be extended some human decency like holy shit. Like I have fairly casual sex with this guy who lives a few blocks away from me and like he always manages to blow me off like 4 out of 5 times and he like tries to tell me what to do, so I get mad at him and I’ll call him out on it. And then he gets all weird like he thinks Im emotionally attached to him and unstable or something but in reality he kinda makes me sick, and Im just like, no, man, I just want you to stop being an asshole. Like if were gonna hang out stop treating me like trash. I wish I could stop wasting even a little bit of time on him but I do enjoy his company from time to time so I would like to stay in touch. Whatever I’ll just like blow his brother or something so I can be smug and self-satisfied.